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Hell yeah, this is some Naruto Roleplay for me and my homies. u wanna h8? fuckoff~
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 Pets & Seijutsu Rules

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Pets & Seijutsu Rules Empty
PostSubject: Pets & Seijutsu Rules   Pets & Seijutsu Rules EmptyFri Jul 08, 2016 3:42 pm

Pets and Seijutsu Pets
Pets & Seijutsu Rules A3txetc

All pets cost 2000 Ryo to obtain at D-rank or 1500 Ryo to obtain at E-rank, and all pets must be trained using the following wordcounts. At no time may a pet be a higher rank than its owner. 


All ninja are able to acquire pets, either for fighting purposes or just as companions to take along with you on missions; some have even been noted to be capable of speech. They can be a great help since they act as an ally in fights, independent from your character but still controlled by you. 

Pets also have chakra supplies and jutsu of their own; you need to train these for your pet, but at half wordcount and zero Ryo cost. All pets are presumed to have tier-0 stats equal to their own rank unless stated otherwise (species-specific trade-offs, for example). Other biological weaponry, like claws, stingers, and teeth are treated as a weapon of 1 rank lower than the pet.

Standard Combat Pets:

Practitioners of Seijutsu (生術 - "Creature Techniques") are able to work in perfect coordination with an animal companion. These are distinct from other shinobi combat pets, as they are more advanced as ninja animals; only Seijutsu Pets can cast Elemental or Collaboration techniques. There are two types of Seijutsu Pets.

Support Pets:

Combat Pets:

Pet Death and You

If should any reason your companion should meet an untimely demise, he or she can only be revived by any jutsu that could revive a human, and all jutsu shared between you and your pet cannot be used (however, they do not vanish from your jutsu list). However, you can always replace your pet. As with any pet, the new one begins at D Rank and must be trained to increase this rank.

Multiple Pets

Any ninja with a primary or secondary specialization in Seijutsu can obtain more than one pet. (However, they may only have one Support Pet at any given time.)

However, if you have multiple pets, you split your attention between them; thus, they have their ranks capped. You cannot get another pet if your current one(s) are past the rank cap that would apply to them if you got another.

First pet: Can be obtained at D-rank. Max rank is SS if you have one, S if you have 2, A if you have 3. All pets get -30 chakra.
Second pet: Can be obtained at B-rank. Max rank is A if it is your only other pet, B if you have 3. All pets get -40 chakra.
Third pet: Can be obtained at S-rank. Capped at B-rank. All pets get -50 chakra.


Name: The name of your pet.
Species: What kind of animal your pet is.
Rank: The rank of your pet. Detail here if it's a Seijutsu Combat/Support pet.
Specializations: What Specializations your pet is able to use.
Elements: What Elements, if any, your pet can use.
Appearance: How your pet looks. Include the dimensions of the pet (how big it is). Pictures optional.
Personality: A general description of how your pet behaves.
Techniques: If any, what techniques your pet is able to utilize.



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Pets & Seijutsu Rules
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