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Hell yeah, this is some Naruto Roleplay for me and my homies. u wanna h8? fuckoff~
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 Yeah, Words and Shit!

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PostSubject: Yeah, Words and Shit!   Thu Sep 29, 2016 11:48 pm

Let me tell you something about women.

Something about women.

Now, training doesn't always involve kicking and punching differently shaped bricks. Sometimes, exercise of the mind is something that one can master, if they choose to become proficient. This may consist of many months, meditating in the mountains, surviving only on a loaf of bread. In fact, this would be what Kaiko would be doing right now, except the fact of the matter is, she has no idea how to think about anything other than bumping uglies with someone who looks mildly attractive.

Thus, we cut to training of the body.

Kaiko punched a dummy. Wowza, what an exercise. After kicking the same stump 5 repeated times, Kaiko frowns and plops on the ground. "Why can't I use S ranks yet?"


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PostSubject: Re: Yeah, Words and Shit!   Fri Sep 30, 2016 6:18 am

Walking around the area, Daiko realizes that the girl he saw near that shop who was nice and bloody was training. For some reason, she was kicking a punching things to try and make herself stronger. Or maybe for some reason she was trying to improve her jutsu? Either way, he knew from expierence the only way to really 'git gud' as they call it, is to do cool stuff.

Walking over to her, he laughs. "You can't use S-Ranks yet because you're just a lil squirt... I don't even have an S-rank yet, so don't feel bad. Practice doing the things you do know how to do, and try to find things that relate to them that increase your overall power."

Daiko had just then realized that he was not in his transformed state, so he looked a lot older than he did when they first met, and he had the bottom of his face covered by wraps.

"Anyway, check this out."

His eyes then turn to that of a snake and he winks at her before jumping 40 meters up into the air straight up and doing a bunch of flips and spins in the air. He did a quadruple backflip followed by cartwheels in air and a bunch of other crazy shit. Coming down to the ground, he lands on one foot, completly unharmed. The snake-like eyes that he had then faded away into his normal purple eyes.

"So yeah, cool stuff. If you do it, you'll be stronger."


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Yeah, Words and Shit!
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