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Hell yeah, this is some Naruto Roleplay for me and my homies. u wanna h8? fuckoff~
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 Death Rules

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PostSubject: Death Rules   Death Rules EmptySat Jul 02, 2016 2:30 am

This page will describe everything you need to know about death here and how it will affect you and characters around you. I know you're reading this and thinking, "wait. My character can die?" Why yes, yes they can, but don't fret! Just read these rules and know how to protect yourself.

1.) Yes, you can be attacked during a topic or a mission, and this can possibly lead to your death. You're a ninja, and a fight can break out at any time. The first way to prevent this is to mark a thread with No Kill (for example, "The Day Goes On [No Kill]"). This will prevent anyone in the thread from killing one another; don't think this means it just protects you, you can't go around killing other people in your topic if you just mark it No Kill. No Kill means no death AT ALL. Period.

2.) But what if your character really wants that Doujutsu, or what if you're a missing ninja who needs to get a bounty? How do you get past these pesky No Kill topics? That's where thread intervention comes in. Thread intervention is a simple process that allows you to enter threads by force, using a random dice mechanism. To do this, simply go to the No Kill or Private thread that you wish to enter, make a post that says "Rolling for intervention" and below the posting button, find where it says Dices Roll and select Thread Intervention (make sure that you leave the number of rolls at 1). A post will appear that tells whether or not you have succeeded in intervening (you have a 3 out of 10 chance to do so), and if you are, the thread will become kill-enabled and you may massacre whomever you wish.

A similar system called travel intervention is in place for those who are leaving their village without permission. It is just like thread intervention; anybody from the corresponding village may intervene on the thread to stop the person from leaving, but rather than choosing the thread intervention option, they must choose the travel intervention option. This increases their chances of success to 5 out of 10. (In either case, ANBU do not have to roll for intervention when in their own country.) If successful, they may go to any means they wish to keep the defecting ninja there, as the thread will be kill-enabled.

Now, once a thread has been intervened on, the person who created the thread CANNOT FLEE for ten posts after the intervention occurred. Yup, that's right, you can't escape once you're caught. It's usually a fight that follows, and that's where you should refer to the PvP Rules for more information.

3.) Death isn't cut and dry. If you're being attacked, don't worry, there is no instant death. It s completely against the rules; the only exception being if your opponent manages to decapitate you or cut you in half (through the brain), which is highly unlikely. Burning someone to death will take at the very least three posts, regardless of the jutsu used, and the same applies to electrocution. Drowning or suffocation takes at least five posts to kill. Bleeding takes at least seven posts of active, intense bleeding before death occurs. This gives everyone a fair chance at saving themselves before it's too late. Any attempts at instant kills will result in...consequences. Bad ones.

4.) One last thing before you go off and start trying to murder everyone, and trust me, this is probably going to be good news to you. Once you kill someone (they must be completely DEAD before you can do this), you may take all of the items that were on their person. Sadly, you cannot take items that they didn't bring into the thread, but hey, you can still get that cool new sword that they used against you in the fight. If there are multiple people within the thread along with the attacker and the victim of death, the attacker has one post to claim the items before they lose the opportunity, while if the attacker and the victim were the only ones in the thread, the attacker may take as long as they wish before taking the items (your raiding of the items must be roleplayed out, of course, you can't just magically have them if you left the body without grabbing them). Another side note is that if you are in a fight that isn't kill-enabled and you knock your opponent unconscious, you may take one item of your choice from them as a prize, rather than taking all of them. In addition, even if you can't kill someone, you can leave a little memento, possibly maiming them. If a body part is removed and not reattached correctly (with an appropriate medical jutsu) by the end of the thread, it cannot be regained, except by jutsu whose effects say otherwise. Because all flesh is made of cells, which produce physical energy, the loss of a body part can affect how much physical energy is available to mold, which directly affects one's chakra reserves. Losing a hand/foot reduces your pool by 10 chakra, losing a limb up to the elbow/knee makes you lose 20, and losing an entire arm/leg makes you lose 30 chakra.

Follow all of these rules and your character will have a fun time killing other ninjas.
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Death Rules
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