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Hell yeah, this is some Naruto Roleplay for me and my homies. u wanna h8? fuckoff~
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 Summon Rules

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PostSubject: Summon Rules   Summon Rules EmptyFri Jul 08, 2016 12:53 am

Kuchiyose no Jutsu (口寄せ - "Summoning Techniques") are one of the main Ninja Arts in the Shinobi world. Instead of fighting with your own techniques and strength/stamina, it allows you to call a companion, be it an animal or other type of creature, to any location through a Space-Time void; this lets them aid you in combat, whether by physically attacking, or using their own jutsu. Summoning Techniques can be cast just as quickly as any other jutsu. There are two types of Summoning Jutsu.

The first is having a summon apped as a single-use jutsu, where the summon appears, performs a set function, and de-summons. (The prime example of this is Earth Release Summoning: Earth Tracking Fang.) This type of summon would also include summoning items or other non-contracted entities. (However, you cannot summon other players.) These types of Summoning Techniques have the normal chakra cost to activate them, and the normal maintenance cost to keep the summoning active.

The second type, which is more often seen in combat, is a contracted summon; this is where a ninja signs a Contract to allow them to apply for individual entities, which act as companions to aid them in a dynamic fashion, able to adapt to situations. They respond according to a shinobi's orders....most of the time.

A Contract is an item that, when signed in blood, allows a Shinobi to use the Summoning Technique to summon entities of the species bound by the Contract; you apply for this item as a scroll in the Self-Creation Item Shop. 
A Contract is gained for free when a shinobi learns Kuchiyose as a specialization. If the shinobi took it as their Primary Specialization, the Contract starts at C-rank. Any other case results in a D-rank free Contract. A Contract costs a flat rate of 1500 Ryo to upgrade it to the next rank. 

A second Contract can be bought for 9000 Ryo, but can only be reforged up to B-rank.

Please do not make a Contract unless you possess or have trained the Kuchiyose specialization.

All existing approved Contracts will be stored in the Contracts Library within the Items section. You may not make a contract for a species that already exists; any shinobi can take any contract, unless it is a clan's exclusive summon line.

A contract may have up to 3 of its own Elements. Individual summons have 1 element at C-rank, 2 at A-rank, and 3 at S-rank. Contracts themselves do not have specializations, and as such the summons use jutsu that either lack a specialization (that are relevant to their biological structure) or share one with their summoner. These are limited to Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Medical Ninjutsu, and Bukijutsu.

Contract Template:
[b]Species:[/b] The type of entity you are summoning.[size=14][/size]
[b]Rank:[/b] The current rank of the contract. This is the limit to the rank of summons you can apply for/control. This is left blank when in the Library, but is filled out for each individual shinobi.[size=14][/size]
[b]Elements:[/b] Up to three.
A summoned companion has to be applied for as if it were a jutsu; however, they have their own costs to pay, Ryo-wise and wordcounts.

D Rank: 230 Ryo + 1250 words
C Rank: 340 Ryo + 2250 words
B Rank: 440 Ryo + 2750 words
A Rank: 710 Ryo + 4000 words
S Rank: 1110 Ryo + 7000 words
SS Rank: 1660 Ryo + 11500 words

Summoned companions' Kuchiyose no Jutsu has different costs than other jutsu and summons'.

D Rank: 15 Chakra activation, 5 Chakra every other post.
C Rank: 25 Chakra activation, 5 Chakra every other post.
B Rank: 40 Chakra activation, 5 Chakra every post.
A Rank: 55 Chakra activation, 10 Chakra every post.
S Rank: 70 Chakra activation, 15 Chakra every post.
SS Rank: 90 Chakra activation, 20 Chakra every post.

Summons are presumed to have stats equal to their rank, tier-2.

Summons are able to have biological weaponry such as claws, sharp teeth, pincers/stingers, or their own body weight. This acts as a weapon of 2 ranks lower than the summon (to a minimum of E-rank). At B-rank and higher, they can also be ridden as a mount. Summons can wield conventional weapons and even wear armor if the summoner has Bukijutsu, but said items must be applied and paid for in the Items section as if you were using it yourself.

Summons have their own jutsu, and their own chakra pool, separate from the ninja who summoned them. (A summon's jutsu do not count towards the jutsu limit of the summoner.)

D Rank: 50 chakra. Can use 3 E-rank and 1 D-rank jutsu.
C Rank: 70 chakra. Can use 2 E-rank and 3 D-rank jutsu.
B Rank: 90 chakra. Can use 1 E-rank, 3 D-rank, and 1 C-rank jutsu.
A Rank: 110 chakra. Can use 1 E-rank, 2 D-rank, 2 C-rank, and 1 B-rank jutsu.
S Rank: 130 chakra. Can use 2 D-rank, 2 C-rank, 2 B-rank, and 1 A-rank jutsu.
SS Rank: 150 chakra. Can use 1 E-rank, 2 D-rank, 2 C-rank, 2 B-rank, 1 A-rank, and 1 S-rank jutsu.

Keep in mind that like pets, summons are entities separate from the user, and as such have the full capability to die. If they are killed, their personal Summoning Technique and all single-cast Summoning jutsu that were related to them are to be removed from your jutsu list. You may keep Collaboration Techniques, though.

[b]Name:[/b] The name of the summon.[size=14][/size]
[b]Rank:[/b] The rank of the summon.[size=14][/size]
[b]Contract Species:[/b] Link the Library version of the contract for your summon here; also give the rank your personal contract is.[size=14][/size]
[b]Elements:[/b] Any elements the summon has, from its contract.[size=14][/size]
[b]Description:[/b] What does your summon look like? Everything about it's appearance, including size, any special characteristics, etc.[size=14][/size]
[b]Techniques:[/b] Detail your summon's techniques here. Use the Jutsu template for these as if you were apping them yourself.[size=14][/size]
[b]Other:[/b] Any biological weaponry the summon has, or any weapons/armor you bought for it.
One last bit: The most impressive of summons tend to be the ones that tower over structures, man-made or otherwise. These can only be apped at B-rank and above. The above maximum sizes apply to the largest dimension of an entity.

B Rank: 6m
A Rank: 10m
S Rank: 20m
SS Rank: 40 meters

However, to compensate for being so huge, they can only use techniques of 3 ranks lower than itself. Even these jutsu, however, are larger in scale due to the size of the caster; the classic example is Gamabunta's giant Liquid Bullets. The range of all techniques cast by a Giant Summon is multiplied by the rank (and thus maximum size of) the summon itself:

B Rank: 2x for range, 4x for projectile size.
A Rank: 3x for range, 6x for projectile size.
S Rank: 4x for range, 8x for projectile size.
SS Rank: 6x for range, 8x for projectile size.


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Summon Rules
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