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Hell yeah, this is some Naruto Roleplay for me and my homies. u wanna h8? fuckoff~
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 ~Sabaku Clan~

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PostSubject: ~Sabaku Clan~   ~Sabaku Clan~ EmptyFri Jul 15, 2016 12:26 am

~Sabaku Clan~ HsPqApO

 Sabaku Clan (砂瀑一族, Sabaku Ichizoku)

Kekkei Genkai:
 ~Sabaku Clan~ OLU7Fms Sand Style (砂遁, Sabaton)


~Sabaku Clan~ 2Y4DMty Earth Style (土遁, Doton)
~Sabaku Clan~ Zgsuifp Wind Style (風遁, Fuuton)
~Sabaku Clan~ FW7zg2p Water Style (水遁, Suiton)
~Sabaku Clan~ OLU7Fms Sand Style (砂遁, Sabaton)

Specialization: 忍術 Ninjutsu

Location: ~Sabaku Clan~ AZv6HdM Sunagakure

Clan History: 
The Sabaku Clan
Clan Sabaku is among the most prestigious clans located in Sunagakure no Sato with ancestry traced back to the Fifth Kazekage, Gaara of the Desert. Members of the Sabaku bloodline share their ancestor's affinity towards Sand, although watered down considerably.  These unique Shinobi hold the ability to manipulate and maintain Sand and are utterly loyal to Sunagakure and will fiercely defend their home.

After the Fourth Shinobi World War the Fifth Kazekage, Gaara, fathered three children in secret. All three of these three children inherited their father's natural affinity towards Sand. However, unlike their father these children were unable to contain and maintain the sand they manipulated naturally and found difficulty in manipulating the sands beyond simple shifting on the ground. This was due to the lack of a DIRECT presence of Shakaku in their lives, despite the obvious indirect influence he had through their father.

Gaara, realizing the potential his children possessed and the great power they could wield in defense of the recently founded Shinobi Nation began to train his children in elements that naturally affected and created the Sands they wielded. The first element he taught his children to control was Doton, due to it's similar nature to Sand the children showed a natural talent for manipulating the earthen chakra. After the children showed mastery of this Gaara began teaching them both Fuuton and Suiton to manipulate and maintain their Sands with greater ease. The combination of these three elements allowed the three children to wield their sand with maximum efficiency and they stood in defense of their nation and village against untold or forgotten threats.

The modern Sabaku clan, although descendants of those three children do not show the same control or natural affinity as neither the three or Gaara himself, this is due to generations of watering down the bloodline. This weakened bloodline is evident as they look back on their ancestors who once only used these three elements to maintain their Sands and comparing it to now when the clan is utterly reliant on Doton, Suiton, and Fuuton to better utilize Sabaton in even the most mundane of tasks. However, this does not mean the members of Sabaku clan are looked down upon, their command over Sand is peerless in this day and age and their Jutsu that is utilized through it causes fear to set in on even the most season of opponents.

Clan members are not without weaknesses though, due to their overestimation of their Sand members of Sabaku clan do not train in Bukijutsu or Taijutsu and this show a significant weakness against wielders of those Specialities. Also, their belief that their Sands are unbeatable have them utilizing it on a daily basis to accomplish even simple tasks such as lifting slightly heavier objects this has made their bodies lithe and frail. Finally, although they would prefer not to admit it, Clan members share a weakness towards the Katon element just as their Sands do and lack the ability to manipulate Sand once it has been turned to glass.

Despite these obvious flaws, members of Sabaku clan are considered almost legendary inside Sunagakure and are both respected and feared by the other Shinobi villages. It is this mixture of respect and fear that has protected Sunagakure from outsiders for generations without having to physically exert itself. Truly, Sabaku clan stands as a testimony to Sunagakure's indomitable might and conviction even over their harsh environment.

Kekkei Genkai Description: 
Through a combination of Doton, Fuuton, and Suiton, members of the Sabaku clan are able to not only manipulate but maintain and 'create' Sand in virtually any environment they enter. This is done through the manipulation of Suiton in the earth they walk on, either increasing or decreasing the moisture found in the environment. They use a technique similar to this to maintain the  sand they carry with them in their gourds, paying close attention to the moisture levels to keep the sand malleable yet course. 

As an element, Sabaton is strong against raiton techniques due to its loose, and unique miz of resistant, and semi conductive nature of the sand dispersing electricity over its surface..

In combat, a Sabaku clan member utilizes the affinity towards Doton to control the direction of their jutsu, while using a combination of Suiton and Fuuton to control the density and solidity of the sand. This is done through increasing the moisture levels inside of the sand moments before the jutsu takes its intended effect, and through the use of Fuuton they pressurize the sand to an extreme. This causes the sand to harden, allowing it to be practical in either defensive or offensive applications. Then, by again manipulating the moisture found in the sand and removing it, the jutsu collapses back into its core form, allowing the sand to be re-purposed. 

Sabaku clan members gain +1 to their reaction speed when casting Sabaton Jutsu.

~Sabaku Clan~ 486MiMq

Each Sabaku clan member receives their first D-rank Gourd for free. This Gourd can carry 5 m3 of sand inside it for use outside of Sunagakure. The Gourds are unique items to the Sabaku clan and have been refined over hundreds of years in order to better compress and store the granules imperative to the members of the clan. They come in many shapes and sizes, and although they are heavy (reducing the user's speed by -2 tiers while worn) they can hold a seemingly impossible sum of sand for their size, maintained through passive sand control by the user due to the familiarity of the sand in the gourd. Even small gourds being able to hold enough sand for potent jutsu.

To carry more sand as their Sand Style element increases in rank, the Sabaku clan member must purchase a new Gourd. This Gourd costs the minimum amount of ryo for an item of that particular rank, i.e. A-rank Gourds will cost 1700 ryo. Gourds can be 'broken' by a single jutsu of equal rank and the minimum quantities of sand able to be stored in Gourds vary based on the Gourd's rank according to the following:

D Rank: 2.5 m3
C Rank: 5 m3
B Rank: 10 m3
A Rank: 15 m3
S Rank: 20 m3
SS Rank: 25 m3


As Sabaku clan members are heavily reliant on their Sand Style, they do not often train in physical combat forms. Hence, they receive +1 damage from Taijutsu and Bukijutsu (basic) strikes.

Sabaku clan members are unable to manipulate any sand that has been heated into glass. All sand-based jutsu can be heated into glass by Fire Style jutsu. A Fire Style jutsu of equal rank takes two posts to turn sand into glass; a Fire Style jutsu of one rank higher takes one post to turn sand into glass. To continue using any sand-based jutsu once their sand has been turned to glass, Sabaku clan members must pay the activation cost of the Sand Erosion Technique to create more sand.They do not have to pay a further activation cost of the Sand Control Jutsu.

Sabaku clan members have all their elements begin at D-rank. Their Sand Style element is equal in ranking to the lowest ranked element of their Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary elements. Thus, if a Sabaku clan member has A-rank Doton, B-rank Fuuton, and C-rank Suiton, they would have C-rank Sand Style.

While Sabaku clan members use Suiton to control the moisture and density of their sand, the sand itself is still weakened to the element in question. If a Sabaku clan member's sand is doused in water, it suffers a -1 in power until the Sabaku clan member is able to expunge the water from the sand manually. This kind of expunging the water takes one post to complete.

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:

Sand Control Jutsu:

Sand Erosion Technique:

Sand Spike:

Sand Barrier:


~Sabaku Clan~ Tumblr_mp2nkxmzxW1r3rdh2o1_500
Doton (S) | Raiton (A) | Suiton (B) || Kugustu (S) | Medical Ninjutsu (A) | Fuinjutsu (B)
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~Sabaku Clan~
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