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Hell yeah, this is some Naruto Roleplay for me and my homies. u wanna h8? fuckoff~
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 Missing Ninja / Ronin Rules

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PostSubject: Missing Ninja / Ronin Rules   Missing Ninja / Ronin Rules EmptySat Jul 02, 2016 2:07 am

Wandering Ninja/Ronin Overview and Rules:

We here on Naruto Shit do not agree that all ninja should start inside a Village or that is should be viewed as a negative connotation, seeing that there are several Scattered Clans it would not make sense for ALL members of these clans to be found inside of a Village. We believe some of these clans could be found living independently outside the protection of a village, this does not mean they are wanted criminals or are horrible people in any way, shape, or form, these are called Wandering Ninja/Ronin. On an In Character level this will allow freer role plays for individuals who seek a more free form style of role play while still having some form of structure involved. On an Out of Character level, we as staff believe that role players should be able to write their ninja out any way they please, and if they don’t want to start in a village they should not have to; this adds to the overall immersion effect here.

These Wandering Ninja/Ronin will abide by their own set of rules as they are not affected by the Travel Rules of a Genin never travelling alone. Wandering Ninja/Ronin are free to roam as they please and come and go to any Village, should they establish a good reputation with them.

In addition every Wandering Ninja/Ronin that enters a Village is catalogued into that Village's Database. This does not mean that a bounty is place on them; it is simply a way to keep track of unregistered Shinobi entering and exiting the Village, and to ensure that should they commit a crime or attack, they can be swiftly added to the village's bingo book. Wandering Ninja can increase reputation with a Village by completing missions for them and proving that they are not criminals, until this is done Wandering Ninja are typically treated with suspicion. On the opposite side of the coin, Wandering Ninja can complete crime missions inside Villages; this has a higher Ryo payout but also runs the risk of being captured by another player character inside the Village.

- Starting as a Wandering Ninja excludes you from Genin Travel restrictions.
- Wandering Ninja are not Missing Ninja who have defected from their Village and thus are not wanted unless they commit a crime against a Village.
- Wandering Ninja can app for one of three SS rank slots with the Staff, but approval is not guaranteed. Also, the applicant MUST have reached S rank status already.

Missing Ninja/Nuke-Nin Overview and Guidelines

Unlike the Wandering Ninja/Ronin, the Missing Ninja/Nuke-Nin is a ninja who has abandoned his Village either in an act of defiance or to join a hostile Village in exchange for status. These Ninja are wanted criminals by their original Village and any other Village they betray or that are allied with their original Village. These Ninja are automatically placed into the Bingo Book of the Village and a Bounty is placed upon their head, this bounty varies upon the rank of the Ninja and the body must be brought back before bounty collection can occur. The moment you defect from your village (post a travel thread with an OOC declaration of intent to defect), you are treated as a rogue ninja.

D rank: 300-400 ryo dead or alive
C rank: 500-800 ryo dead or alive
B rank: 900-1,300 ryo dead or alive
A rank: 1400-2,500 ryo dead or alive
S rank: 2,600-3,400 ryo dead or alive
SS rank: 4,000-6,400 ryo dead or alive

In addition these Missing Ninja/Nuke-Nin can create and accomplish crime missions inside Villages to gain notoriety and possibly increase their rank in the Bingo Book if the accomplish these without being captured or killed.

- Missing Ninja can join any Village they please under the guise of a new identity.
- Missing Ninja can accomplish Crime Missions.
- Missing Ninja have a bounty on their heads, making them a valuable target to other players.
- Missing Ninja can apply for one of three SS rank slots with staff, but approval is not guaranteed. Also, the applicant MUST have reached S rank status already.

For both Nuke-nin and Ronin, you CANNOT join any clan that is affiliated with a village. The only way around this is to get the Kage's permission, and write 400 more words of History detailing how/why you left the village.
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Missing Ninja / Ronin Rules
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