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Hell yeah, this is some Naruto Roleplay for me and my homies. u wanna h8? fuckoff~
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 ~Yamada Clan~

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PostSubject: ~Yamada Clan~   Wed Jul 13, 2016 12:24 am

Clan: 山田 {Yamada}

Kekkei Genkai: 晶遁 {Shōton}

Elements: Doton||Fūton

Specialization: Ninjutsu

Location: Iwagakure

Clan History:


Kekkei Genkai Description: The Yamada can combine Doton and Fūton to distribute and control minerals in the air as well as in the ground, building crystal structures. Using Shōton, the user can induce a process which will crystallize any substance around them, such as bodies of water, moisture in the air, the ground, or even bodily fluids; turning them into weapons. The users of Crystal Release can also manipulate already existing crystals and crystalline structures. Due to the volatile nature of a living creature, there is little stability on which to build a crystal structure; crystals can only be formed inside another living being with a Shōton jutsu of B-rank or higher. The crystals most often are almost completely transparent, with a tint of some color, but can be more translucent if the user wishes it. The rank of Shōton is the same as the rank of the ninja's lowest constituent element rank. So, if a ninja has S-ranked Doton and C-ranked Fūton, Shōton would be C-rank. Crystal Release can be SS-rank if both constituent elements are as well.

   ~Crystals have a high melting point. Crystal constructs take 1 rank higher of offensive Katon to destroy.

   ~Crystals, in their natural structure, are inherently angular; Crystal Release turns this into pure sharpness at every edge and vertex. Unrefined materials pale to the pure honed piercing power of crystals. Crystal gains an interaction advantage over physical obstacles, treated as one rank higher than normal. Examples include:

Any jutsu that would create something that has tangible, physical presence in the world to defend the user or would obstruct the path of a Crystal offensive technique. 
Water Release, Lightning Release, Fire Release, Wind Release, Scorch Release, Lava Release, Storm Release, Cloud Release, Plasma Release, and Boil Release are unaffected by Crystal's advantage. This is only if they are in an intangible or liquid form, and do not form a physical obstacle (as in a wall) to prevent entry.)

Any substance produced by a jutsu that no longer has chakra actively running through it (i.e. left-behind Doton that may have had residual durability). This also applies to items that would attempt to defend against a Crystal jutsu; the Crystal jutsu in question would be treated as 1 rank higher for the purpose of the item's durability.

   ~Due to having an Advanced Element, the Yamada cannot learn a fourth one.
   ~Due to its large basis of minerals, Crystal Release is weak to Lightning Release by 1 rank. 

   ~In addition, if an offensive Suiton, Katon, or Raiton is used in combination with a compatible jutsu that is solely Wind Release (meaning that the two can plausibly be combined to form an amplified attack), the crystal structure of Shōton can be broken down with ease; both attacks receive a +1 against the Crystal jutsu, completely canceling any advantage the Crystal technique may have had, as well as stacking with any other weaknesses the jutsu can exploit.

   ~If exposed to a certain frequency, the crystals can be shattered with ease; all offensive sound techniques that physically damage based on vibration (not pitch-based stuns or any other aspect), regardless of specialization receive a +2 in interaction power when opposed with a Shōton Jutsu, though finding the correct frequency may take some time. (3 posts for the first jutsu used, 2 posts for the second, 1 for the third. -1 post needed for each rank above C the ability used is. This count lasts between threads, but is specific for every Crystal user.)

Members: Kisuke Yamada

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:

Conversion Technique:

Projectile Wild Dance:

Crystal Encampment Wall:

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PostSubject: Re: ~Yamada Clan~   Wed Jul 13, 2016 10:57 pm



"Don't fuck around, Guest, you could lose an eye with it."
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~Yamada Clan~
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