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 Element and Specialization Training Guidelines

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PostSubject: Element and Specialization Training Guidelines   Fri Jul 08, 2016 11:18 pm

Element/Specialization Training Guidelines

All Shinobi regardless of Clan utilize both Elements and Specialization to augment their combative skills through the usage of Jutsu and/or Chakra based techniques. However, both of these stats MUST be trained in some way or manner by the individual Shinobi and almost every Shinobi begins with Primary and Secondary Elements and Specializations (some clans have three elements called “Advanced Elements” or Four Elements called “Kekkei Tota”. These will be explained later on in the guideline.) In most clans both the Primary Element and Specialization start at S rank, however in some clans this is not the case. If your clan stats your Elements/Specializations begin at lower than the usual rank this is the Word Count to train the individual Stat.

Primary/Secondary Element/Specialization:
D rank – C rank: 1500 words
C rank – B rank: 2000 words
B rank – A rank: 3000 words
A rank – S rank: 4000 words
S rank – SS rank: 9000 words

If your clan does NOT state your Elements and/or Specializations begin at less than normal ranks then this is your training guideline.

Primary Element/Specialization:
S rank – SS rank: 9000 words

Secondary Element/Specialization: 
D rank – C rank: 1500 words
C rank – B rank: 2000 words
B rank – A rank: 3000 words
A rank – S rank: 4000 words
S rank – SS rank: 9000 words

In addition, most Shinobi can train two additional Specializations and Elements (Third or Tertiary at Special Jounin rank, Forth or Quartary at Jounin Rank.) These both begin at D rank and must be trained by either an NPC or fellow Shinobi. If you opt to use a NPC the training will cost you 1000 ryo, however both methods of training will require 1500 words to successfully learn the new Element or Specialization. In addition your Third or Tertiary Specialization/Element can only reach S rank (unless your clan states otherwise) and your Forth or Quartary Specialization/Element can only reach B rank (unless your clan states otherwise.)

Tertiary Element/Specialization:
Nothing – D rank: 1500 words
D rank – C rank: 3000 words
C rank – B rank: 4000 words
B rank – A rank: 5000 words
A rank – S rank: 9000 words

Quartary Element/Specialization:
Nothing – D rank: 1500 words
D rank – C rank: 4000 words
C rank – B rank: 5000 words
B rank - A rank: 6000 words
A rank - S rank: 9000 words

Some clans begin with additional elements, these are called Advanced Elements (if there are three elements to begin with) and Kekkei Tota (if there are four elements to begin with). An example of an Advanced Element Clan would be Clan Aisu which uses Suiton and Fuuton to form Hyoton or the Ice element and an example of a Kekkei Tota clan would be Sabaku who utilize Doton, Fuuton, and Suiton to manipulate Sabaton or the Sand element. These clans CANNOT learn new elements aside from their current ones and the Third or Tertiary element and the Forth or Quartary element train in a unique manner. In both of these types of clans the Advanced Element or Kekkei Tota Element is equal rank to the element of lowest rank. Meaning if you have A ranked Suiton and C rank Fuuton, your Hyoton would be at C rank. Additionally, ALL Elements in the Kekkei Tota clans begin at D rank.


Bukijutsu has sub-specializations that allow the ninja to wield certain types of weapons. It takes 1500 words to learn a new sub-specialization, and costs 1000 Ryo if learning it from an NPC. Learning a new Taijutsu style takes 1000 words and costs 500 Ryo if learning from an NPC. It takes 2000 words to learn if it is not of your focus (Grappling/Striking), but Hybrid styles can learn both types as Hybrid versions of themselves for 1500 words.

Unlearning Specializations / Elements

Characters are able to unlearn specializations / elements and exchange them for another specialization / element. There is no cost to unlearn specializations or elements, however, specializations or elements being learned to replace the unlearned item must start at D rank. There are no exceptions to this rule. Even if you choose to unlearn your Primary or Secondary specializations / element and replace it with something else, it must start at D rank. Additionally, specs / elements required by the character's clan cannot be unlearned. A specialization / element can only be unlearned a maximum of three times. Maximum ranks for each specialization / element do not change (ie. Quartary Element / Specs can only be learned up to S rank). 

How to Unlearn a Spec / Element:

~Start a thread titled "Unlearning (insert name of spec / element being unlearned here) and Learning (insert new spec / element here)". Inside the thread, request permission to unlearn said spec / element and replace it with the new choice.

~ Once a moderator has given you permission, go ahead and learn the new choice, then post back with a link to the training for approval. * The word counts for learning and training up the new choice is the same as what is written in the Training guidelines.

~ Once everything has been approved, post in administrative requests for your specialization / element symbol to be changed.

Note: Any techniques or items that you may have gained with your old specialization / elements can remain in your possession, but cannot be used unless you obtain the spec / element required again.


Doton (S) | Raiton (A) | Suiton (B) || Kugustu (S) | Medical Ninjutsu (A) | Fuinjutsu (B)
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Element and Specialization Training Guidelines
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