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Hell yeah, this is some Naruto Roleplay for me and my homies. u wanna h8? fuckoff~
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D-rank ninja, commonly known in Hidden Villages as Genin (下忍; Literally meaning "low ninja", or "Junior Ninja") are the lowest level of ninja and also the ones that often display the most difference in power. When they become genin, ninja start to do their bit for their village's economy – being sent on missions that the village gets paid for. They are typically sent either on D-rank missions, which are almost entirely risk-free jobs of manual labor, or, rarely, on C-rank missions, which are a cut above that and begin to verge on real "ninja" work that have a very low possibility of risk to the ninja involved. When Konohagakure was short-handed on upper-level ninja because of the invasion, the village had to occasionally send genin on higher-ranked missions. 

D-rank Nuke-nin and Ronin are typically below the notice of a Hidden Village unless they do missions for them or commit crimes within the village borders.

Jutsu Limit: 29 jutsu, may only use E, D and C-rank jutsu.

Requirements for a promotion to this rank:


C-rank ninja, commonly known in Hidden Villages as Chūnin (中忍; Literally meaning "Middle Ninja") are ninja who are qualified to guide other ninja and lead missions. Chūnin have reached a level of maturity and ability that primarily consists of leadership skills and tactical prowess. Genin who do not have the skills to become chūnin are weeded out in the chūnin exams. Some of them, like Iruka Umino and Daikoku Funeno move on to function as Academy teachers and others, like Shikamaru Nara, serve as team leaders in charge of small teams who need to make decisions and utilise the skills of the shinobi under their command to the maximum effect. Chūnin are typically sent on C-rank or B-rank missions. 

Jutsu Limit: 37 jutsu, may only use E, D, C and B-rank jutsu.

Requirements for a promotion to this rank:

-Alternatively, one can take the Chūnin exams if they are being held; after you participate, you may be promoted to the rank of Chūnin or C-rank.

B-rank/Special Jōnin

B-rank ninja, commonly known in Hidden Villages as Tokubetsu Jōnin (特別上忍, Tokubetsu Jōnin; English TV "Special Jōnin"; Literally meaning "Special High Ninja"; sometimes known as Tokujō for short) are ninja who, rather than all-around jōnin training, have jōnin-level ability in a specific area or skill, much like warrant officers in real-world militaries. They are elite specialists in their areas and are often assigned as subordinates to regular jōnin when their services are needed. Nuke-nin of B-rank are typically handled by the ANBU, as they are deemed too unsafe 

Jutsu Limit: 45 jutsu, may only use E, D, C, B and A. 1 S if the ninja is able to use S-rank jutsu.

Requirements for a promotion to this rank:


A-rank ninja, commonly known in Hidden Villages as Jōnin (上忍, Jōnin; Literally meaning "High Ninja", Meaning (Viz) "Elite Ninja") are generally highly-experienced shinobi with great individual skill who serve as military captains. They are often sent on A-rank missions, and experienced jōnin may even be sent on S-rank missions (which are considered to be the greatest difficulty). It is not unusual for jōnin to go on missions alone. Nukenin which are A-rank in the Bingo Book typically are a kill or capture-on-sight, and are the responsibility of the ANBU to take care of.

Jutsu Limit: 53 jutsu, may use E, D, C, B, A and 2 S.

Requirements for a promotion to this rank:


In Saga, S-rank ninja are extremely powerful individuals; they are still considered Jōnin in villages unless they are one of the 3 most powerful, in which they may be named 'Sannin'. S-rank Nuke-ninja or Ronin are those who have done a large service or committed a very heinous crime, and are typically reserved for ANBU Captains to even attempt to capture, or a ninja of equal rank to them.

Jutsu Limit: 62 jutsu, may only use E, D, C, B, A, 4 S, and 1 SS.

Requirements for a promotion to this rank":


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