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 Mission Rules

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PostSubject: Mission Rules   Mission Rules EmptyFri Jul 08, 2016 3:57 pm

You can take missions just like in the Naruto canon.

If you wish to create your own missions, use the template below. The topics where the mission is detailed are known as Mission Briefings.

The mission briefing's title should explicate whether the mission is repeatable or not. If a mission does not say it is repeatable and you have taken it after someone else completed it, you will not get any Ryo or rewards for it.

The Missions Moderator will review any custom missions you've made, and if it's good enough (or corrected to be such) the mission briefing will be moved to the Mission Board of your respective village. 

You can take approved missions by posting on a mission briefing topic (under YOUR OWN village's subforum) and asking permission to take the mission. You can only take missions of up to one rank higher than your Ninja Rank, and you can only take two missions at a time. A mission is considered 'complete' when you post the link to your completed mission topic in the Mission Briefing.

Once you complete the mission in a roleplay topic, post a link to the topic in the Mission Briefing, along with the wordcount you achieved. If the wordcount is sufficient and the moderator sees that you completed the task given by the mission, they will approve it. You can then link this approval post in the Administrative Requests to gain the Ryo reward for the mission.

Keep in mind to put the coded version beneath your original version in your topic, this way mods can copy the mission better.

If a mission is for multiple people / done by a group of people, keep in mind that the word count is not divided.

Rewards are:

D: 70-100 Ryo
C: 110-220 Ryo
B: 230-310 Ryo
A: 320-500 Ryo
S: 650-1000 Ryo
SS: 3000-5000 ryo

- As an alternate reward, you can get a jutsu or a  tier increase on one stat, free of training and Ryo costs, so long as the jutsu's max rank or the rank of the stat is equal to or lower than the rank of the mission. (So, you can take a C-rank mission and instead of taking Ryo, can increase one stat from C-2 to C-3, or get a C-rank jutsu). 

Link the approval of the mission in your Jutsu Requests Topic, or your Stats Training Topic, saying you're using it to get a free jutsu or stat tier. Then, you can take the jutsu (which has already been approved by a mod at this point) and put it in your jutsu list. Your stats will be modified accordingly as well, in the case you choose a stat increase.

- Missions can not be done more than once in the same thread (ie. by doubling the word count and having the mission count twice). If the mission is repeatable, it can be taken again, but in a separate thread. However, extra word counts in a thread after the mission word count has been achieved may be used towards training.

- Criminal missions with an inherent risk to the ninja (such as the ability to be intervened and killed) are allowed to have a Ryo reward of 100 more than normal for the rank.

Minimum wordcounts for each rank of mission are:

D: 600 words
C: 1000 words
B: 1500 words
A: 2500 words
S: 3000 words
SS: 10000 words


D: Simple missions. Usually requires you to do something simple such as finding lost pets or items. These missions never require travel outside your own village and are not dangerous.

C: Okay, so you got bored doing those easy missions? Understandable. Lets increase the danger rate a little bit and let you take missions that require you to travel somewhere else. Maybe find or deliver something. These missions usually take place in or around your city. These requests might turn out dangerous, but are usually not fatal unless you really screw up.

B: Alright, so you got the hang of your skills and you feel as if you can do more. As a respectable village-nin, you'll probably end up escorting people or defending them from incoming threats. As a Nuke-ninja you'll probably end up chasing people and attacking them, perhaps even assassinating them if that's what the mission asks you to do. I won't lie, these requests are dangerous and you could die.

A: Travel around, find information, go behind enemy lines, assassinate powerful people or even invade a location. The things I just mentioned is the start of it. Imagine what people could ask you to do: these missions are absolutely dangerous. The risk of dying is high, but skilled ninja do them on a regular basis.

S: Missions that are difficult to complete. Oh yeah, you've protected that shop and brought the old guy home, good job. Do you think you'd be able to do the same if that old guy was a figure of world importance? Can you or your team do that? It's likely that the person who threatened that figure hired some people some strong mercenaries; are you able to make sure that this figure stays alive and peace is maintained? Back in the younger-days when you failed, you were just upset cause you couldn't help out the person or you didn't get a reward. You're a big kid now, and when you fail, you will most likely die. These missions need to have at least one NPC played by a mod; after all, what is a high-profile mission like this without a challenge?

SS: These missions are colossal undertakings. An SS rank mission is an incredibly difficult task that will require multiple Sannin-rank people to have a hope of surviving. Sure, you can guard or assassinate that leader, but can you take down that army attacking your village? These missions are incredibly lethal, and someone will die if they make the slightest mistake. These missions can only be taken as either a major part of your personal plot or as part of the site plot. They cannot be taken without being approved by an Admin, can never be taken alone and the NPCs must be played by a Moderator. These missions are never done twice, and as such are hand-crafted for those who take them.

Mission name: (What is the name of the mission?)
Mission rank: (What rank is the mission considered? D-SS)
Objective: (What is the mission asking for?)
Location: (Where does the mission take place?)
Reward: (What is the reward for completing this mission?)
Mission description: (The details of the mission IC.)
Mission details: (The details of the mission OOC. Things mentioned here aren't known by the character for they are not written on the mission however this is just to be sure what is going to happen in the mission.)

[b]Mission name:[/b] (What is the name of the mission?)
[b]Mission rank:[/b] (What rank is the mission considered? D-A)
[b]Objective: [/b](What is the mission asking for?)
[b]Location:[/b] (Where does the mission take place?)
[b]Reward:[/b] (What is the reward for completing this mission?)
[b]Mission description:[/b] (The details of the mission IC.)
[b]Mission details:[/b] (The details of the mission OOC. Things mentioned here aren't known by the character for they are
not written on the mission however this is just to be sure what is going to happen in the mission.)

If there are Non-Player Characters involved in the mission, you may use this template and add it in your details.
[b]General Appearance:[/b]


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Mission Rules
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