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Hell yeah, this is some Naruto Roleplay for me and my homies. u wanna h8? fuckoff~
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 Thread Intervention & Travel Rules

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Thread Intervention & Travel Rules Empty
PostSubject: Thread Intervention & Travel Rules   Thread Intervention & Travel Rules EmptyFri Jul 08, 2016 3:52 pm

Travelling Rules

Individuals can choose to travel to other villages for various reasons. They can choose to travel for personal gain, missions, or simply just for seeing the shinobi world. On Saga, there is a short process for traveling to occur, to avoid confusion and simplify the process. To ensure the safest journey to another village a few guidelines have been implemented for individuals to follow when they travel. 

1. Permission to travel from the Kage must be received OOC (out of character). An IC thread can be done as well to get permission. If permission is not received and the individual(s) travel, they will be labelled as missing-nin and/or retrieved by the ANBU.
2. Genin cannot travel alone and must travel in at least groups of two.

To proceed with the travel process after permission is received from the Kage of your village, you must post your travel thread in the border of the country you are travelling from. For example, if you wish to travel to Konoha from Kirigakure, you must post in the 'Mizu no Kuni Border' sub-forum. The title of the thread must be labelled as such; in this case it would be 'Title of Thread [Kirigakure to Konohagakure]. Your travel thread must be at least 600 words long for the travel to be valid.

In the case of illegal travel, the ninja has to wait at least 12 hours before posting in the destination area. This gives the ANBU as well as other ninja from the village a chance to intervene (see below). If no attempt to intervene has been made after 12 hours, the illegally travelling ninja may post in the destination village/country; this closes and ends the travel topic, and prevents anyone from further trying to intervene.

Now, sometimes you have some unfinished business somewhere but have to leave urgently. We allow you to tie up loose ends in a new thread with the people you had to leave. You are allowed two 'Flashback' threads at one time, regardless of location (it must be specified in the topic title that it is a Flashback) at once. Flashbacks are typically expounding upon already-existing or implied events. Due to their nature of being in the past, they may not be Training topics, they cannot be intervened, and character deaths cannot occur in them. (That being said, one can post any number of Flashbacks in the country they are in, as a form of telling the story in a different time period. These are treated like regular topics, with the exception of always being No-Kill.)

Open and Private Threads

As the name would imply, “Open” threads are open to the public. Anyone may post in these without prior permission or valid reason (although it is always good manners to ask those involved before barging in). These threads have certain benefits (i.e. you can bring as many of your friends or acquaintances to join the fun without limitation), but their own risks as well (i.e. Open threads offer zero protection from invasions or potential threats).

Private threads are traditionally the most common classification of thread used by members. It allows the members explicated in the title [mandatory] a great deal more privacy and control over the setting in which they write, making this thread type ideal for personal plots. Unlike open threads, external parties must be permitted to enter the thread by all parties currently involved in the thread. Any objections to what could be considered an illegal entry must be reported before your next post. If you continue to rp without reporting the incident all rights to object are forfeit. If permission is not granted by all parties involved, the only means of entering such a thread is invasion.

Thread Intervention Rules

All of us being shinobi, there is always the constant fear of being killed or attacked at any moment. Due to this, we have a system that involves intervening in normal threads and travel threads to allow a fair chance of doing so. The nature of these threads will change upon a successful dice roll. 

Threads that require intervening are those that are "Closed", "Private", "'Invite only", or otherwise. Threads are labeled "Open" or do not state anything to the effect of being closed/private are considered open; you may post in these without intervening (you can still do so if you like, of course; it's just not necessary). To intervene in a thread, the person you are invading must be of at least Sp. Jounin rank. In addition, at least 3 posting rounds must have passed since the start of the topic (if a battle has started in the thread, 3 battle rounds must have passed since the start of the battle. Contact a GM or higher for an opinion on when a battle started.) You may intervene a Travel topic at any point, so long as it has not been closed by the person posting in the destination area.

To roll to intervene, you must go to the "Post Reply" or "Preview" post screen and scroll down to the Dice Rolls section. Select only one die and choose the one appropriate to the thread you are intervening. Note that ANBU do not need to roll for intervention, and can invade any thread, even those of Chuunin and below, so long as they are within their own Country.

The success of the dice roll is dependent upon the type of intervention, each have a percentage to succeed.
Normal Thread Intervention: 25% success rate
Travel Intervention: 50% success rate

Once a thread has been successfully intervened, the thread is death-enabled, even if the thread was originally "No Kill". A thread that has been intervened is not only kill enabled, but also all parties in the thread cannot leave the thread for another 7 post rounds. However, if you fail an intervention roll, you may not attempt to intervene the same thread for 3 days (72 hours).


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Thread Intervention & Travel Rules
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