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Hell yeah, this is some Naruto Roleplay for me and my homies. u wanna h8? fuckoff~
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 Item Guidelines

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PostSubject: Item Guidelines   Item Guidelines EmptySat Jul 02, 2016 2:28 am

As with jutsu: weapons, armor, and items each need to be applied for in the appropriate section of the Items forum. The rank of said object will determine both the cost and allowed effectiveness of the the item. Once an item/weapon/armor has gone through the approval process, the item must be paid for (requested in the Administrative Requests Thread) and then must be moved to one’s locker. Like with jutsu in one's Jutsu List, if an item is not in your locker at the start of a thread, you may not use it in that thread.

Some varying checkpoints for items.

B-Rank: These are finely-crafted items in terms of larger weaponry and armor. Items that are not weapons or armor can have special abilities at this rank (see below for special abilities). Any item can have an elemental alignment at this rank, giving it advantages/disadvantages against other elementally-aligned items or jutsu.
A-Rank: Weapons and armor, at this rank, are capable of possessing unique special abilities/qualities, such as and/or special non-chakra-based abilities. (The Kiba swords' ability to produce lightning on their own without chakra, due to their being imbued with actual lightning, would be this rank of item's ability.). Depending on the item, they can even grant boosts to stats (but not jutsu).
S-Rank: Powerful items capable of having unique chakra-based abilities. Any weapon/armor/item which has an ability that imposes a chakra cost to utilize falls under S-Rank. (The Raijin Sword, in contrast to Kiba, needed chakra to use, but was regarded as more powerful.)
SS-Rank: Plot equipment and/or items with numerous or quite potent effects. These items cannot be bought, and can only be obtained either by an event, or by upgrading an already-existing item. These cannot be used in a thread unless it is tagged as [Plot] in the title, is part of a plot event, or all parties in the thread agree to their use.
Legendary: This is a title for weapons, items, and armor that were used by canon characters in the Naruto series; it is not restricted to any rank, but is usually seen at the ranks of A and above. These cannot be bought or attained except as an event prize.

Weapons Damage per Rank:

Armor Information:


Aside from all other types of equipment, there are items which have a purpose or function that can only be described as auxiliary; neither offensive nor defensive. Flash and smoke bombs tend to fall under these categories. They are able to perform a myriad of feats, and can have special abilities starting at B-rank, unlike weapons and armor. Such items normally come in two flavors: Pre-inscribed, standard seal-based items like Flash Bombs and Explosive Tags (though only Sealing specialists can make completely custom seal-based items), or items that simply help by their very nature like tripwire or a grappling hook. Items of B-rank and higher are usually enchanted to bestow a certain effect.

The prices of items are determined by rank, and then where the item falls within the price range is determined by the overall abilities of the item (such as cutting power, or blocking power). When an item is approved, the moderator will give you a set price for the item.

Item Prices:

E-Rank: 20 - 100 ryo
D-Rank: 120 - 250 ryo
C-Rank: 300 - 700 ryo
B-Rank: 800 - 1600 ryo
A-Rank: 1700 - 3400 ryo
S-Rank: 3500 - 7500 ryo
SS-Rank 8000+

Items are able to be broken, like anything. It takes 1 jutsu of equal rank, or two hits from a basic attack of 2 ranks higher (dependent on the Strength rank or the weapon rank), to damage the weapon. Any further damage (any jutsu, or a direct basic strike of 2 ranks below the weapon) will break it beyond reasonable usage. This effect persists until the item is reforged, and applies to all further threads you enter.

(However, all E-rank items like kunai/shuriken/senbon, certain auxiliary items like flash bombs and wire, and consumable items like explosive tags reset when you enter a new thread; these do not have to be restocked or reforged. This function must be stated in the item.)

Have no fear, though. Almost any item can be reforged back to its purchased condition, though this requires an additional ryo cost. The cost of reforging a broken item/weapon/armor is based on the rank of the item. The prices are as follows:

Reforge Prices:
D-Rank: 80 Ryo
C-Rank: 200 Ryo
B-Rank: 400 Ryo
A-Rank: 800 Ryo
S-Rank: 1900 Ryo
SS-rank: 4500 Ryo
Legendary: Cannot be reforged.

Every piece of equipment is capable of being enchanted once. For enchanting, the equipment has to be of B-Rank or higher for it to be capable of being enchanted. When applying to enchant a piece of equipment, make sure you post both the versions of the item, before and after you enchant it; this helps the Mod decide how much to charge you for an enchantment. The prices vary depending upon the original rank of the equipment and the rank after the enchantment process, along with (for A-rank and higher enchants) what differences there are in the ability of the item. The prices are as follows:

Enchantment Prices:
B -> A: 1000 - 1500
B -> S: 3500 - 4500
B -> SS: 7000+
A -> S: 2500 - 4000
A -> SS: 5500+
S -> SS: 4500+

As you can see, the only way to obtain an SS-rank item outside of an event is to enchant an existing item. However, before this, the weapon itself should have had a history of its own before this. (Admins personally check SS-rank applications and decide whether they are worthy of having the rank.)

Selling Items
You can sell your items just as you can buy them. You can go to the Resell Shop in the Items forum, and post where your item got approved along with the item itself. You will always get awarded half the ryo you paid for your item.

If you want to sell your item to another player's character, the price is negotiated between the two of you. However, you must always meet IC to hand over the item.

Finally, we're giving you a nice gift: a starter pack of items. You can add these items from the Catalogs in the Item Section directly to your locker.

Hitai-Ate (Forehead Protector) x1
Kunai x1
Shuriken x3 OR Senbon x6




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Item Guidelines
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